Final Collapse Simulation

This is the final simulation post re timing, camera animation and rendering. I have included the whole bridge (the passive parts) to see how my simulation looked all together. I am really happy… Continue reading

Final Bridge Model Simulation

This is the latest from my trials in Houdini, using the final bridge model, I have been able to control a fracturing and collapsing looking as if the geometry has been effected by… Continue reading

Final Model Fracture Test

I finished modeling the final model that will be the asset being collapsed in Houdini. I broke the model up into the active and passive parts and then fractured the geometry I wished… Continue reading

Glue Constraints

Today I was following a tutorial on glue constraints and how to procedurally generate a point detection system in order to choose what parts of the bridge will collapse. Viaduct Collapse Test 3… Continue reading

Bridge Collapse Progression

With lots of help from Phil Spicer today (the MA Digital Effects tutor), we were able to roughly achieve the type of collapse I was looking for. With this, I can now develop… Continue reading


Some progress was made today with Houdini. I modeled a quick viaduct resembling the one that will be used in the final simulation, and using the knowledge from the previous tutorial, I was… Continue reading

Car Park Destruction Test

After following a tutorial on how to use the scatter and voronoi fracture nodes in Houdini, I thought I would post my progress so far. There is still a lot of work to… Continue reading

Specialist Project

All of the exams are finished now, so it’s time to get cracking with my specialist project. For this, I am going to be making a bridge collapse using SideFX Houdini and Progression… Continue reading